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Questions About Fast Buck Cash Advances

What is a Personal Cash Advance?
A payday loan or cash advance is a small, short-term loan (typically up to $500) without a credit check that is intended to bridge the borrower's cash flow gap between pay days.

How does FastBucks.com.au work?
FastBucks.com.au provides short-term cash advances that are electronically deposited into your checking account. Everything from application to payment is done electronically via our web site. When your loan is due, the amount borrowed plus a service fee is debited from your checking account.

What is the loan approval process?
Our simple, convenient online loan application takes only seconds. Apply today for a Payday Cash Advance Loan and our representatives will review your application and get back to you within hours of applying.

What are the minimum requirements to apply?
You must be at least 18 years of age. You must have been in your current job for at least four consecutive months. In addition, you must have a valid bank account that has been open for at least three months. You must have a minimum of $1000 in payday or fixed income deposits per month.

How much can I borrow?
Our loans range from $50 - $500. You may be eligible for an increase to your loan amount depending on your payment history.

When can I expect to receive my money?
Since the money is wired directly into your checking or savings account, you can usually have access to your funds the very next day.

How do I repay my loan?
We make a direct withdrawal from your bank account on your next payday or the payday that you designate on your application. We only withdraw the amount that was authorized in your loan contract, that is, the loan amount plus the loan fee.  If you pay off this loan early you will not have to pay a prepayment penalty, and you may be entitled to a refund of part of the finance charge.

What if I can’t repay the payday loan in full on my due date?
We have different payment options available for our customers:
1. Paying the loan in full on the maturity date listed on your loan agreement.*
2. Paying the finance fee and a portion of the principle on or before the maturity date.*
3. Paying only the finance fee on the maturity date.*

*Some additional terms and conditions may apply. Please ask your loan consultant about
all of the repayment options.

Can I have more than one loan with FastBucks.com.au at a time?
No. We must have the full amount collected before we can issue another loan. Besides protecting us, this policy also helps you avoid getting overextended.